Revamp of an old favourite

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Did you ever set out to tidy your craft room or craft corner and end up with a ball of yarn and a hook in hand and end up doing something entirely different? Sound familiar? Of course it does. We are all guilty of being easily distracted especially when it comes to a squishy ball of yarn.

Anyway, in the back of my head as I was clearing up was a customer request for a retro blanket in boy colours. She wanted no holes. I came across this bundle that kinda rearranged itself. You can grab some of it here at this link.

Balls of stylecraft special DK

The shades are Cream, Parchment, Mocha, Duck Egg and Storm Blue

I thought they worked very well together. I had written up a pattern in September 2019 called Rainbow Hearts and it was always a customer favourite. Bright and bold it was the perfect addition to a baby shower gift and was always requested.

This mum however didn’t want her little ones fingers to get caught in those holes but the colours and the pattern were nagging at me and so I sat down with it and have made a closed version of the same pattern.

I think it is turning out beautifully! I showed the mum this snippet and she is delighted and so am I. So instead of clearing out the rest of my craft room, can you guess what this afternoon has in store for me 😉


Saving it and giving it some love always helps.






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