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Have I got something very special for you this Sunday evening?! I found a wonderful indie yarn dyer only up the road from myself and we have been working on a collaboration together, a Northern Irish adventure if you will!

Using Dye Candy’s latest range (The Anarchy Collection) I have crafted a new shawl using the Utopia colorway and have named it, well, Utopia! This yarn has to be felt to be believed and working with it is a pure joy.

Utopia and me standing in the bluebells and daffodils

So this is me well out of my comfort zone up in my local woods. My first choice of model was taking her kids swimming (the cheek of it!) and as usual when I have something finished I want it photographed and posted yesterday! My husband suggested I just do it and in between the death stare and a resignation I decided to hell with it and headed for the trees. I had thought of draping Patrick in the shawl and getting him to do it but then there really were death stares so best not, it was him, the dogs or me. I had also asked my eldest son who turned on his heel when he saw me approaching.

I was very lucky though, the bluebells are out and the daffodils are hanging on for dear life so I made the most of the little piece of magic and stood with the scarf while he managed to take a photo and hold the 2 dogs! Anyone looking I am pretty sure got a quare laugh and wondered what the hell we were at. My dogs also weren’t impressed. This was not the walk they signed up for.

Utopia is currently in the hands of my wonderful testing team and they are furiously working away to ensure all the kinks are out of the pattern for you. It is due to be released on the 18th May.

When this beauty below arrived I knew exactly what it was going to be.


First off it came lovingly packaged with lots of lovely cute treats inside. (Thank you Lindsay) I am not normally a fan of pink as anyone who follows me knows only too well however I was assured that the pink was minimal. I adored this yarn. Silky and smooth and an absolute dream to work with. The yarn was in the hands of a skilled dyer because the shifts are so subtle but provide such a beautiful end result.

Close up of Utopia

Utopia is being scheduled for release on the 18th May, however, you can pre-order a copy of the pattern as well as the exclusive hand dyed yarn from Dye Candy. You can choose from 1 or 2 skeins and you will also receive a copy of Utopia and a stitch marker pot with 4 stitch markers. The ultimate collaboration. And you don’t have to use your skein for just this, at a generous 425m you can use your skein for a range of designs! There is a limited number of these packs available and they are available by pre order only. To get yours, please fill out the form below.

Pre order your exclusive hand dyed pack here.

To find out more about Dye Candy you can follow Lindsay and check out her store using the links below

Dye Candy


I am so excited to see what the future brings in terms of working together. Lindsay is very easy to talk to and is a master craftswoman. I definitely recommend you taking 2 minutes to like and follow her pages to see what she comes up with next! I am sure it will be a delight for us yarn lovers alike.


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