Yarns and Yarn

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Soooo, obviously if you love to crochet then you also love yarn. In fact collecting yarn may just be as addictive as crocheting itself. This post is dedicated to that yarn love. The brands I use most and where I get them.

I used to be very lucky and lived very close to the most amazing little yarn shop, Crafty Wishes. But due to a a move in premises they ended up almost 15 miles away and almost impossible for me to get to visit with all that is in my life. I miss Crafty Wishes very much. Lorna, the owner was kind and knowledgeable and a trip to shop was a real treat so see all that squishy goodness in real life. If you live close to Banbridge you really shop stop off and pay Lorna a visit, you won’t be disappointed.

For me, now, my yarn is bought online only. I have also been lucky enough to work with some indie yarn dyers. Chimera Crafting and my latest pairing, Dye Candy. You can read all about my scarf Marie and Chimera Crafting with the lovely Beki here.


Dye Candy is also based in N Ireland so it made sense to reach out and try to see where this pairing goes. Look out later for a special yarn box and pattern. For now check out Lindsay’s stuff here.

The new Anarchy Collection

So what is your go to yarn brand? What is the one that is your trusty steed?

For me it really does depend on the project. For a baby blanket I mostly use acrylics so head for Stylecraft Special DK or more recently I seem to be drawn to Paintbox Yarns Simply DK. The Simply DK seems to be that little bit more soft and they also have a fantastic range of colours. They also have an extensive cotton range that I use if I am making amigurumi. Check out their full range.

Butterfly Stone

For something a bit more special over the years I have become torn between the cotton blends offered by the yarn giants Scheepjes for their Whirls and Whirlettes and Hobbii for their Twister and Sultan ranges. They are all lovely to work with. However I recently entered a competition organised by Jenny from Stylish Stitches. I won a selection of yarn cakes from Woollyccino and I have to say I am seriously impressed! I actually cannot wait to get started with these. She even offers a custom blend cake. This is something I will definitely be trying in the very near future.

Over to you. What is your favourite yarn and why? What yarn can you simply not live without!

Oh wait before I go, I forgot one of my favourites.

How could I forget King Cole Riot.

A wide range of shifting tones and a wool blend to boot. This IS my favourite of the big brands and I can’t believe I almost forgot.

Leave a comment below letting me know your favourites and why. Oh and for those celebrating, have a lovely Easter time.







4 responses to “Yarns and Yarn”

  1. Shannon Thurston Avatar
    Shannon Thurston

    If I’m buying its usually stylecraft. Never had any issues with it and love the quality. However I do love a mystery box to get to try different brands.

    1. Fiona Campbell Avatar

      It can be hard to take a chance sometimes. I using Dye Candy merino at the moment for a new design and it just feels so nice to work with

  2. Sue Avatar

    I also love the Hobbii cakes…I have some Cookie in a green mix waiting for me ☺️ stylecraft special dk is my go to, partly because I have one of their colour charts , so I can be sure of what I’m ordering…

    1. Fiona Campbell Avatar

      They also have such a huge range of colours, so its a win win

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