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Derrymore House with Butterfly Stone

When the real world gets hectic and out of control I have always found solace in nature.  Heading into the woods always restores a sense of balance and calm within.  I am blessed to have woods on my doorstep.  Part of the National Trust is Derrymore House and woods.

I visited these woods in my teenage years and then forgot about them. However, 10 years ago, we moved house and I found that they were on my doorstep (well, up the road but sure we’ll not split hairs). 

They are an important part of my world.  I have always found comfort from the swaying and whispering of the trees and the crunch of the paths underfoot.  Bird song and the odd mischievous little squirrel always add to the walk.  It’s not a particularly long walk but it is circular (always a bonus) and you can make it as long or as short as you would like.  Over the past number of years they have been working hard restoring paths and installing some lovely seats a long the paths.  It is my go to spot for photographing my designs also.  More of that soon.

Cheeky chap busy foraging

The house and gardens were commissioned in the 18th century when follies seemed to be the thing to have if you had land to spare.  There are also a wide range of trees from all over to be found here.  You can find the rare white bluebell here in spring and you can find the unusual Collared Earthstar mushroom too and plenty more besides.

Rath and archway

The grounds even had a part in World War 2 housing American GIs.  But it is my daily go to with the dogs and a place of constant change especially with the seasons.

18 arches viaduct in the background and 2 ruffians in the photo

Quite a number of my designs have been photographed here as it is just so pretty. Bob and Betsy bunny had their photo shoot in the Autumn when it was carpeted in a sea of red.

Bob and Betsy Bunny

Spectacular in Autumn and the sounds are just as pleasing as the visual. This is actually at the back of the Friends Meeting house and is part of a graveyard. It is such a quiet and peaceful place.

A sea of colours

Marie was also photographed here near the lush grazing fields


Making use of the pretty grounds

Butterfly Garden

I do recommend it as a nice wee dander if you are local. Listen out for the sounds of the resident woodpecker too, you might just catch a glimpse too if you are lucky.

Where is solace to you? Have you got a go to place to clear your head and start refreshed?






12 responses to “Places that Inspire…”

  1. Juanita Noble Avatar
    Juanita Noble

    I live in Illinois (Central USA). The perception is that once you get outside the metro areas, it’s mostly corn and soybean fields. And there are a LOT of them! But there are many natural waterways, and accompanying vegetation. I’m blessed to be in a very small town almost on the banks of the Mississippi River, happily above the floodplain. My back yard is my favorite green space, and hanging out laundry while listening to the many songbirds is one of my simple delights. If I look above the trees, I frequently see bald eagles in winter and pelicans (!) the rest of the year. There are several lovely parks in the area and my husband loves to hunt for edible fungi while I peruse the greenery for edible shoots and berries. It’s almost that time if year again, and I’m anxious to get outside! Meanwhile, my cats and my yarn keep me warm. 😊

    1. Fiona Campbell Avatar

      It sounds beautiful! Listening to the birds is a perfect pastime too. As you say, a simple delight.

  2. Donelda Higgins Avatar
    Donelda Higgins

    I enjoyed reading this article.
    I also like to find solace in nature. I like going into the forests, especially to waterfalls and also like going to the beach.

    1. Fiona Campbell Avatar

      You sound very like me. I need it to recharge. I am happiest among the trees especially if there’s a river nearby

  3. Delitha Kay Wendel Avatar
    Delitha Kay Wendel

    It’s beautiful, peaceful and serine. Love it.

    1. Fiona Campbell Avatar

      It can be, especially early morning or evening time when its filled with bird song

  4. Sue Avatar

    Beautiful Spot!

  5. Bridget Cavage Avatar
    Bridget Cavage

    Great job! I love all your crochet work and very interesting reading!

    1. Fiona Campbell Avatar

      Thank you Bridget, that means so very much.

  6. Claire Avatar

    I too have a small park behind me with a mini lake, well it is at present with all the rain often it dries up in Summer. Ducks, Kookaburra’s, bats and bush turkeys are the most easily spotted or heard wildlife. Don’t get the colour changes you have though, such a lovely spot for you and so many wonderful photo spots. Love the 2 dogs too. 🙂

    1. Fiona Campbell Avatar

      I can only imagine how cool that would be! You’re very lucky

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