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Those who have tried to make a go of a business out of their craft do give off an air of knowing exactly what they are doing….. This is not me. I am not one of those crafters. I am firmly a make it up as I go type of person. I know other crafters that have their posts scheduled, planned months ahead etc. Sometimes I will manage to schedule a post but more often than not, I will have an idea and act impulsively on that. I am the proverbial dog chasing a ball distracted by a squirrel. But I am improving.

Recently my boys’ got a shed for all their band stuff. My tiny front room was then free and rather than it become yet another dumping ground or storage space I decided that I would commandeer it. That has now become my haven of chaos.

Kinda sorted yarns

Where the ‘magic’ sometimes happens

So that is it my crafty litttle hidy hole where I spent my time making stitch markers, planning new designs and generally getting lost in my never ending to do list.

2022’s promise was to be more organised and have my whole month scheduled. New releases planned etc. Bah! It’s almost March and I have had 2 seat of my pants releases already. No planning just winging it. Pics and links below in case you missed them.

Rainbow and hearts baby blanket

Rainbow Sweetheart Crochet Baby Blanket

rainbow and hearts hat

Rainbow Sweetheart Beanie

So what is the plan moving forward….

A really great question…. Do I have an answer? Kinda. More of the same for sure. I have in my head a matching cardigan for the set above and am about half way through with it. I also have a pair of gloves aimed to help those with Reynaud’s Syndrome. A half baked idea for some Easter stitch markers is in there too as well as a crochet a long for some rabbits. Who knows? But stay tuned to find out, because one this is for certain. It is never, ever boring!





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