Nikki’s Diamonds and Confidence Building

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Who would’ve thought that crocheting a scarf could raise so many issues? Usually it’s what yarn will I choose, what colour, is my tension right…. But for this wrap it became something more than that for me.

Due to the C word that will not be named, restrictions are in place everywhere. This limits the people that you can meet up with and get to model your stuff. So my wonderful husband with his forever rose tinted glassed suggested that he take the photos of me modelling the scarf.

Ultimate horror for me. I dislike being in front of the lens of a camera immensely. I love taking photos but no so keen on having them taken (I guess a lot of us feel that way) But needs must. The deadline for the launch of Nikki’s Diamonds was fast approaching and I wanted a real life model rather than it slung round my mannequin.



Living where I do, I am lucky. I have breath-taking scenery around me whether that is forest, mountains or the sea. So we headed down the road to Carlingford Lough as the colours in the Twister that I used reminded me of the sea. For once it wasn’t raining also, this was as good as it was going to get. Standing being blown away, my husband shouted various unintelligible things to me, look this way, that way…. ah whatever, sick of it after 2 minutes, this is certainly not the thing for me.

Anyway, home again to look at his photos and I was pleasantly surprised. He did a great job capturing the shawl and as for me, that’s irrelevant. At the end of the day, life is short and no one is perfectly at peace with themselves so we best just make the most of it.


If you’ve subscribed to my newsletter you’ll get a lovely wee discount off Nikki’s Diamonds. I’d love to know what you think of it and what colours you would make it in. Drop me a message here or come on over to Flo’s Crafty Crochet and join the fun.

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