The Cro Jo Monster

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Cro Jo Monster (3).png

Yeah, you know who I mean. If you are a crafter you have definitely met this little meanie. He is guy who saps all the creativity and will do work out of you. He is always lurking about.

I have been attacked by this nasty monster as last while. A combination of too much on and absolutely no down time. So of course this ugly dude then raised his head and left me frustrated.

I even wrote a poem about him…. see below.

Anyway, how do you get yourself out of that crochet funk?

For me, it is about taking on small, mindless projects that require no thought, or little thought and then slowly it returns.

Having a very cute fur baby also helps

Having a very cute fur baby also helps

Taking time out for yourself is very important especially in the busy world we live in. Unfortunately all too often we forget to do this and we just end up sucked in and going with the flow. Time out for me means time with my 2 boys, walks with my dogs and being outdoors. Outside in the woods and trees is where I get regenerated. The sound of the rustling leaves, or rushing water soothes me and I leave feeling restored, relaxed and my cro jo returns.

My local woods, no filters needed. Just breathe!

My local woods, no filters needed. Just breathe!

I had been thinking about cro jo and where it goes so I wrote a little poem, let me know what you think. Comment below or join in my Facebook group.






8 responses to “The Cro Jo Monster”

  1. Denise Thomas Avatar
    Denise Thomas

    I love the poem and your woods!

  2. Debra Glover Avatar
    Debra Glover

    You are becoming a Poet Laureate. Really cute poems stay with me longer than long drawn out, heart wrenching, gut twisting dirges. It gives me time to think about the message within. I loved it!!💖💖

  3. Georgie Aragon Avatar
    Georgie Aragon

    I love this
    Fantastic job and the little poem is great

  4. Simone Avatar

    LOL I love your poem. I regain my crojo by sitting on back porch and relaxing 😁

  5. Regina Schmidt-Cummins Avatar
    Regina Schmidt-Cummins

    Hi Fiona,
    I love your poem. So true, I fight the cro jo monster with just staying away from my hook for a day or two and go outside instead. It’s sometimes just a little fresh air it takes. Makes me feel better as well.

  6. Danni Avatar

    Great poem, yes we all have that little crojo monster occasionally, as you say, breathe, relax, have a tipple of something or a cuppa & hopefully he’ll go soon, glad you’re ok now 🌈🌈🌈

  7. Sallyanne M Fisher Avatar
    Sallyanne M Fisher

    You have summed this up perfectly! The poem is well done! Hugs to you!🧶🥰🤗🤗

  8. Lori FitzgeraldLeger Avatar
    Lori FitzgeraldLeger

    This poem reminds me of peoples I know ! Those whom think their poop don’t stink and the world is obligated to them ! We’ve got to stick together to remind each of us how creative and kind we are and that it is out of love we create for others!
    Great poem thanks 😊!

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