Seasonal Spirit is now upon us

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Ok so I am one of those people who really, really, really only likes Christmas at Christmas. I hate the fact that on the 1st of November all traces of Halloween (my favourite) vanish in an instant to be replaced with sparkly, shiny, in your face, bright and endlessly cheery Christmasness! Bah humbug indeed. Christmas really should only begin in December in my humble opinion. NOW, I know that some of you, and yes Michelle, I do mean you! I know that you are just itching to get your decorations out and up as soon as possible so while I was in the shop last week and heard the faint tones of Mariah (so help me god not to throttle the store workers) I thought you know I may as well give in and try to organise something for Christmas for all of you that enjoy my patterns. So here it is….. Seasonal Spirit Wreath.

The idea was that I would only keep to traditional Christmas colours and Christmas items and so you will find inside the pattern instructions for:- bells, robins, stars, holly and berries and of course the Christmas flower itself, poinsettias. Thanks to my lovely tester Lynne, I found that the King Cole Tinsel yarn when double stranded with chunky not only works up fast (30 minutes) but it really does look great on the wreath as the scarf. 2 balls is enough for 1 wreath and you will have some left over, 3 balls would be enough for 2 wreaths. I also used the trusty Paintbox DK Cotton which if you use this link is on offer right now on LoveCrafts Sale!

I was supposed to be waiting until Friday to launch this but I forgot about the Christmas CAL and a million other things that are in my head and I just thought, let’s release it now! So you can get your own copy by clicking the below links. If you are a subscriber you will have been emailed a discount code in the past 2 emails 🙂

Also, if you are a fan of Christmas you can still avail of the huge bundle that I am a part of that gives you 40 Christmas makes for the price of 4. Details can be found here

I almost forgot!! If you are a fan of wreaths then there is an ebook over on Ravelry for all 4 seasons!

See you over in the group and let’s get making those wreaths!






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  1. Kelly Smith Avatar
    Kelly Smith

    What a beautiful wreath! Better get started to get it done in time for my Christmas cruise. Thanks for the discount code. Checking my email now. To add, I totally agree about waiting to start Chritmas in December!

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