August is here

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And like that it is August already. Here in Ireland the 1st of August and traditionally it is the festival Lughnasadh (loo nas ah) it is the beginning of harvest season and the midpoint between summer solstice and the autumn equinox and named for the Celtic god Lugh (god of craftsmanship) so it is kind of fitting that I have picked August to be the month for the Autumn Wreath CAL.

The CAL will begin on the 20th of August and all details can be found here.

Also throughout August I am planning on ressurrecting my YouTube Channel starting off with simple stitch tutorials. Please comment below or in my FB group and let me know if you would like something specific.

Some spooky themed stitch markers added to store

The store has also had a little bit of an update and for all my lovely readers and subscribers I have an extra special 20% off for you until the 3rd of August – code: AUTUMN – click here for the store

Do you like sneak peeks? Would you like to see what I’ve been working away on for the last few months? Yeah, normally my new designs come around faster but life has the habit lately of getting in the way BUT, my Going Through the Motions blanket is almost ready for testing. Just the border to complete and then we are good to go.

New blanket design

Also on the hook is a pretty purple wrap, a dragonscale hooded scarf which hopefully is as nice as I can see in my head!

So busy times ahead. Cannot wait to see you all on the CAL! See you all soon


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  1. Sallyanne M Fisher Avatar
    Sallyanne M Fisher

    Wow Fiona! Exciting things are in this blog! I am eagerly anticipating all of it! 🎉💜

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