Lexxi Bikini Top

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crochet bikini bra

A few months back a very talented friend of mine reached out to me about a possible collaboration, me with my crochet and her with her wizard seamstress skills.  She had made some funky new flared trousers and wanted a little bikini top to match. So with Summer fast approaching and with it, good weather (hopefully), summer festivals and beach trips I thought this may work very well.  You can check out Kayleigh’s wares here.

The first pair of trousers were purple so purple was the colour of choice for the bra.  I had no hesitation picking up some King Cole Cottonsoft in Lavender as I knew it would be soft on the skin while also being robust and durable enough to be an item of clothing. I accented the first bikini top with little daisies.

Next up Kayleigh had some starry trousers so I decided on some black, again using the Cottonsoft but this time accented with a little sparkly moon and a star.  

All of these appliques are optional and interchangeable and the bra works equally well on its own without any.  It is also size inclusive as it can be made to whatever size is desired.  The little ties can also be adjusted in order to create a more modest top with coverage if that is what you are after.  My testers all seemed to thoroughly enjoy this fast, quick and easy make and were happy with the comfort and fit of the end design.   I hope you enjoy it also,  you can find Lexxi bikini top here.

In terms of Flo’s Crafty Crochet, things have been moving at a much slower pace than I would like but for now I just have to roll with it as there is no way round this at present.  I have lots and lots of designs drawn up and started but just not at the finish line yet or for awhile.  I do hope you will stick with me even if it is more quiet than I would like. 

If you would like a copy of Lexxi here are the links below.


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