Izzie Part 3


Izzie – Part 3 

A free crochet along

It’s a super fast CAL today. It’s time to create make some really cute eyes!!

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Notes to remember

The pattern is worked in continuous rounds unless otherwise stated.  Please use stitch markers to indicate the end of a row.

Stuff as you go for all body parts.  Do not over stuff as this will lead to the holes being very visible.  Rolling the limbs between your palms also helps to distribute the stuffing more evenly.

Eyes (Make 2)

With Black and 3.5mm hook

Round 1:              In a Magic ring 6 SC.  Alternatively, CH4, SL ST to form a ring, place 6 SC inside (6)

Round 2:              INC 3 times, change to eye colour, INC 3 times.  SL ST to first ST.  F/O With White, reattach yarn on the first eye colour stitch and SL ST along.

Embroider a little light fleck onto the pupil of the eye. F/O

The eyes can be placed on the head in a position that you feel works best for your doll.  You can also at this point create a nose.  Take a long length of body coloured yarn and between the eyes, 1 row down insert your needle.   Working back and forth across approximately 3 stitches create a little nose.  Bring the needle back down through the base of the head and cut the tail.

You may also wish to embroider a little smile onto your doll.

Once the eyes have been made and attached you can then sew your doll’s head to the body firmly.


Arms (Make 2)

With body colour

Round 1:              In a Magic ring 6 SC.  Alternatively, CH4, SL ST to form a ring, place 6 SC inside (6)

Round 2:              INC in each ST around (12)

Rounds 3 – 25:  SC in each ST around. (12)

Stuff the hand firmly and the rest of the arm loosely.  Stuff as you go.

Round 26:           DEC around.

F/O leaving a long tail to secure to body.  Use pins to help you get the best placement.


Next session…..

Underwear, hair and bow

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