plush pumpkins


Plush Pumpkin Stack

A cute stack of plush pumpkins that will bring cheer into any home as part of your Halloween or Fall decor.

Available in both UK and US terms.

Suitable project for beginners.

Pattern has been through the testing process to ensure the pattern works for you.

  • Suggested yarn: James C. Brett Flutterby Chunky available here or Bernat Blanket Bernat Velvet

    available here

  • Yarn weight: Super Bulky

  • Hook size: 5.0 mm (H)

  • Crochet terminology: US

You will also need toy stuffing (here)

Optional extras are jute twine, ribbon, cinnamon sticks or small twigs.

This pattern is available in US terms only. This free pattern is for the larger pumpkin only. All sizes with photo guide and a UK version is available to buy for £2Notes


Pumpkins are worked in continuous rounds, there will be no join or chain 1.

A stitch marker will help you keep your place. 

Do not pull to close the gap at the end of each pumpkin.  Allow a small hole to fit your twig.

For the pumpkin stack, close the gap on the 2 lower pumpkins as only the top pumpkin needs a twig. 

You can use a hot glue gun to attach the twigs so they will not come loose.

Large Pumpkin


Round 1: MR, SC 8 (alternatively Ch 2, 8SC in 1st CH) (8)

Round 2: (INC in each SC) around. (16) 

Round 3: (SC, INC) around. (24) 

Round 4: (2SC, INC) around. (32)

Round 5: (3SC, INC) around. (40)

Round 6: (4SC, INC) around. (48)

Round 7: (5SC, INC) around. (56)

Rounds 8 to 13: SC in each around. (56)


Round 14: (5 SC, DEC) around. (48)

Round 15: (4 SC, DEC) around. (40)

Round 16: (3 SC, DEC) around. (32)

Round 17: (2 SC, DEC) around. (24)

Round 18: (SC, DEC) around. (16)

Begin to stuff the pumpkin. Do not overstuff.

Round 19:  DEC around. (8)

Round 20: SC around (8) Remember to leave this gap open.

Do not finish off. Instead cut a long length of yarn (50cm) and draw it through the base of your pumpkin.  Wrap the yarn around the outside of the pumpkin up through the top centre of the pumpkin.  Pull down to the base again, tugging gently but firmly to form an indent.  Repeat this evenly around the pumpkin to make as many clear indents as you would like.  

Finish off and tidy in all ends.

A special word of thanks to all my testers especially, Amber McGraw Pack, Bethany Colhoff, Debbie Alexander Procek and Kim Wilson.


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