orion headband


Orion Headband

Orion Headband came together after working on my Star Crossed Cowl. I love the textures produced by the stitches and wanted to make a pretty headband with the same ideas. It can be adjusted to fit any headsize and comes with a full guide on how to achieve this.

Abbreviations – US Terms

Stitch – ST       

Skip – SK                                        

Chain – CH                                         

Slip stitch – SL ST          

Single Crochet – SC          

Double Crochet – DC

Half Double – HDC

Star Stitch – STR

HDC3 loop – HDC in the 3rd loop

Finish off – F/O                


Material List

Scrap amounts of yarn with the corresponding hook size. I like to use this one here

Beads (optional)


Tapestry needle

An ad free version of Orion can be purchased here


Star Stitch – At the beginning of a row: – Insert hook into the 2nd chain and pull up a loop. Pull up a loop in the 3rd chain from hook.  (3 loops on hook) Pull up a loop from the 1st ST of the previous row and repeat until you have a total of 6 loops on your hook.   Yarn over and pull through all the loops on hook.  Chain 1 (this forms the centre eye of star).  This is the 1st half of the star made.  To create all subsequent stars, begin by drawing up a loop from the eye of the star, the next loop is drawn up from the space in between the eye of the star and the next stitch. (3 loops) Insert the hook into the next ST, draw up and loop, again repeat this until there are 6 loops on your hook.  Pull through creating your 2nd star.

The star is the completed on the next row by working 2HDC into each ‘eye’.


An ad free version of Orion can be purchased here


guide 3.png

  • HDC in 3rd Loop: When you work into the third loop, the top and bottom loops of the stitch are pushed forward. This creates a pretty braid-like row of v shapes

  • This pattern is designed to fit any head.  Chain the amount required for the headband part to sit across the top of the head.  The chain must be an even number.  The sample given is for an adult head using sock weight yarn.  The chain in brackets is for an adult head with light worsted (DK) yarn.

  • The main body of the headband should fit ear to ear. To make the beginning chain longer all chains should be a multiple of 2 +1.

  • This pattern also works really well with the foundation half double crochet (FHDC) which you need an odd number with a ch1 at the end.  

  • Please ensure when working into the HDC after the star rounds that you lift both loops onto the hook to create a flat texture.

  • Chain 1 does not count as a stitch.

  • At this point you may want to add little beads as embellishment.

  • Beads can either be sewn on after the headband is made or can be threaded onto the yarn at the start and positioned as you work. 


CH76 (66) or length required to fit ear to ear.  

Row 1: HDC in 2nd and each CH (75) (65) CH1, turn.

Row 2: Working the HDC 3rd loop in each ST (75) (65) CH3, turn

Row 3: STR stitch to the end, DC in last ST (same as the last STR). CH1, turn. (37 stars 1DC) (32 stars 1 DC) 

Row 4: HDC in DC from previous row, 2 HDC in each ‘eye’ (CH1 SP) across to the last STR, place 1HDC in last STR and 1 HDC in last ST.  CH1, turn. (75) (65) 

Row 5: HDC in each ST across (make sure to lift both loops). CH1, turn. (75) (65)

Row 6: Working  the HDC 3rd loop in each ST (75) (65) Do not turn. 


Side tapers

We will now be working across the side edge of the headband.  

Row 1:  Place a HDC in the same ST as your last.  HDC evenly across the side edge (approx.  8)  HDC in the last. CH1, turn. (10HDC

Row 2: SK 1st ST, HDC in next 7 ST, SK ST, HDC in last. CH1, turn. (8HDC)

Row 3: SK 1st ST, HDC in next 5 ST, SK ST, HDC in last. CH1, turn.(6HDC)

Row 4: SK 1st ST, HDC in next 3 ST, SK ST, HDC in last. CH1, turn.(4HDC)

Row 5: SK 1st ST, HDC in next ST, SK ST, HDC in last. CH1, turn. (2HDC)

SL ST into 2nd ST, then chain approximately 50 for the ties.  (The ties should be approx ¾ the length of the headband)

An ad free version of Orion can be purchased here


Turn and SL ST up the chain’s length.  SL STto the main body ensuring that the right side of the work is facing you.  

SL ST across the top edge of the head band until you reach the opposite side.  Repeat side tapers rows 1 – 5.

SL ST along the bottom/starting edge.  

This time you will be working into the unworked loop of the initial chain.

Finish off. Weave in ends.

Thank you for your support, and happy making. I couldn’t have done any of this without the amazing team I have. Thank you to Sharon Elderton, Natalie Kemp, Sheri Rudd Gallegos, Bronwyn Bellwood, Danielle Tetreault, Nikki Barker, Bethany Colhoff and Brittany Vanderpool. You guys rock!

 Legal stuff

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Many hours of work has gone into the designing and producing of this pattern. Please do not copy or reproduce it for your own needs.

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