The ultimate in stash busting!

PART 2 – Mushroom

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This Crochet A Long is completely free on my blog only.  You will be able to follow along with all 9 instalments.  Or alternatively you can buy the pretty, printable, premium PDF to add to your pattern collection while supporting a small business owner.  You will also get automatic email updates of when the next part of the CAL is released.  If you are following the blog, you will need to keep checking the page on the dates for its release rather than being notified.

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This is a question that I get asked A LOT.  So, I will try my best to let you know why I think the PDF trumps the web version.

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  • You get both US and UK terminology.

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Where can I buy the PDF?

You can buy the PDF by clicking the button below but also on:-

Ravelry and Etsy



3.5mm hook

Red and white scrap yarn – I used Paintbox Cotton DK in various shades (or any yarn)

Stitch Markers



Tapestry needle


Magic rings or chains can be used to begin.  When using a chain ensure it is pulled taut to close the ring.  

Each round is worked in a continuous round unless otherwise stated. 

A stitch marker is recommended for keeping track of your stitches for each round. 

Increase means to place 2 stitches in the same stitch from the previous round. 

Decrease means to work over 2 stitches to reduce to 1 from the previous round. 

Instructions inside ( ) are to be repeated.

Instructions inside { } are worked into the one stitch. 

Stuff as you go



With White

Round 1:      MR 6SC OR [CH 2 and 6SC in the 1st CH] (6)

Round 2:      INC in each ST around. (12)

Round 3- 5      SC in each ST around. (12)

Round 4:      DEC around. (6)

Join red, leave a long tail to allow you to create the white dots on the red cap.

Round 5:      SC in each ST around. (6)

Round 6:      INC in each ST around. (12)

Round 7:      (INC, SC) around. (18)

Round 8:      (INC, SC2) around. (24)

Round 9:      SC in each ST around. (24)

Round 10:      (DEC, SC2) around. (18)

Rounds 11 – 12:   SC in each ST around. (18)

Round 13:    (DEC, SC) around. (12)

Round 14: SC in each ST around. (12)

Optional – Stuff very lightly, however the mushroom in the photo 1 is without stuffing, 2 is with.  

Round 15: DEC around. (6)

F/O and sew the hole closed, leaving a long tail.  Squish the mushroom down so that the red caps squats down onto the white stem looking more like a mushroom.  Insert the needle from the top out through the bottom and repeat once more, pulling taut to secure in place.  Weave in ends.  With white create little flecks on the mushroom head.


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Sharing is caring, lets spread the word