Little Bunny Flower

A little applique to add to your designs…

Little Bunny, Flower

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Rabbit applique

Appliques are quick and easy makes that can lift any project. You can click the links below to purchase a printable PDF that includes a full photo step by step tutorial photos and instructions for the little bunny and the flowers as well as both US and UK crochet terminologies.

Materials Used: –

3mm hook

Scrap amounts of Paintbox DK Cotton

I love Paintbox Cotton, such a wide range of colours and high quality yarn. What’s not to love?!

Stitch Markers


Tapestry needle

Optional, stitch markers. You can find my collection of useful stitch markers here

Little bunny presenting flowers

Abbreviations – UK terms

Double Crochet—DC

Treble Crochet—TR

Double Treble Crochet—DTR

Half Treble Crochet—HTR


Chain(s) – CH(S)

Space – SP

Skip – SK

Slip Stitch – SL ST

Stitch(es) – ST(S)

Magic Ring—MR



 Round 1:   With a MR, 12 TR or CH4, make a ring and place 12 TR inside.  Join with a SL ST to 1st TR. CH1.

Round 2:   DC, 2 HTR in each of the next 2 ST.  DC in each of the next 2 ST.  *CH7.  HTR in the 2nd CH from the hook, 5 HTR along the chain.  SL ST to next ST * rep * * once more.  DC in the next 2 ST.

Creating the body

Round 3:  Continuing on, 2 TR in the next ST.  TR in each of the next 2 ST, (2TR, 3DTR) CH1, turn.

Round 4: SL ST into 1st ST.  HTR, TR in next 5.  CH1, turn.

Round 5: 2 TR  in 1st ST, TR in next 3 ST, 2 TR in next ST. CH1, turn.

Round  6:  2 TR in 1st ST, TR in next 4 ST, Puff.  CH1 turn  (When working the puff, change to the tail colour on the last TR and when closing off the puff pull through the original bunny colour)   

Round 7:  HTR in the next 6 ST, 2HTR in last ST, SL ST to the last ST in row above and finish off.

Embroider on an optional eye

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