Izzie Part 5 UK


Izzie – Part 5

A free crochet along

Today it’s all about THE DRESS!

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A V stitch here means: – TR in the 1st ST, CH1, begin the next TR in the same ST (Y/O, pull up a loop, take off 2), SK 1 ST, Y/O insert into next, TR. Repeat.  Essentially what you are doing is beginning with a full TR, chaining 1 then in the same stitch making the first half of the TR.  In the next stitch you also make another half TR (TR2TOG) finish it off, chain 1 and repeat.


With dress colour and 4mm hook

Chain an odd number.  Measure that it fits around the doll’s chest. 

Join with a SL ST to form a ring being careful not to let the chain twist.

Round 1:              HTR in each ST. 

Rounds 2- 8:       Working in BLO, HTR in each ST.

Round 9:              (HTR, INC) in each ST around.

Round 10:           HTR in each ST around.

Round 11:           (HTR, INC) in each ST around.

By the end of round 11 the number of stitches that you began round 1 with should have doubled.

Rounds 12 – 16: TR in each ST around.

Rounds 17 – 20: V around

Round 21:           In each V ST space place, (HTR, 2TR, DTR, 2TR, HTR) SL ST to next


Sleeves (Make 2)

With dress colour and 4mm hook

CH 15

In 2nd CH from hook place *(3 HTR), SL ST to next*.  Rep * * along the CH.  Working back up the underside of the CH rep * *

F/O and attach to the dress. Use pins to hold in place to adjust position.





Next session…..

Bringing the doll to life and her birth certificate.

I really hope that you are enjoying the CAL so far. It is my very first but hopefully not my last.

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