Izzie Part 4 UK


Izzie – Part 4 

A free crochet along

Today it’s all about underwear, hair and bows!

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Notes to remember

The pattern is worked in continuous rounds unless otherwise stated.  Please use stitch markers to indicate the end of a row.

Stuff as you go for all body parts.  Do not over stuff as this will lead to the holes being very visible.  Rolling the limbs between your palms also helps to distribute the stuffing more evenly.


With hair colour and 4mm hook

To create the hair I used various lengths of chain stitches from 25 – 40.  In each CH SP I placed 3 HTR.  For looser curls you can alternate 3 HTR, 2 HTR. 

Leave a long tail on each one for attaching to the hair cap securely.  I attach as I go to see how the hair is framing the face.

A word of caution! Hair takes forever to make so make a couple of strands and then try something else so you don’t get bored with the repetition.


With pants colour and 3.5mm hook

Chain an odd number.  Measure that it fits around the doll’s waist.  For me this was 39 chains.  The instructions that I have given are based upon this however it will adjust for any odd chain length.

Join with a SL ST to form a ring.

Use a stitch marker to indicate the beginning of each row.


DC in each ST for 4 rows. (38)

DC in the next 19 ST (whatever is ½ of your count) CH3, join with a SL ST to the 1st ST (stitch marker) This creates the first leg space.  Continue in rounds for 3 rows placing 1 DC in each ST around. 

Attach new contrast colour, CH1, DC in in each ST around. SL ST to close and finish off.

Reattach the yarn on the other leg, working across the bottom edge of the CH3 and around the 19 ST for 3 rows.  F/O

Reattach white to the bottom edge of pants with a SL ST, CH1 (contrast yarn)

(3HTR, SK 2 ST, SL ST to next) around to form a frill.  Repeat for the 2nd leg space.

F/O and weave in ends.







Hair Band

With shoe colour and 4mm hook

CH enough to go around the dolls head.  For me this was 39.

Join with a SL ST.  HTR in each ST for 3 Rows.  F/O

Hair Bow

With shoe colour and 4mm hook

CH 15

Rows 1:                HTR in 2nd CH from hook and each to the end.

Rows 2 – 12:       HTR in each ST.

Fold in half and SL ST across the top edge to close.  Wrap some yarn around the centre to create the bow shape and attach to the hair band.

Next session…..

The dress 🙂

I really hope that you are enjoying the CAL so far. It is my very first but hopefully not my last.

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