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Who doesn’t like foxes? I have always loved them from I was very little. I could always imagine them nestled in among the foxgloves up to mischief.

Foxes and wolves tend to get a pretty bad rap. Think of all those childhood fairy tales of the Big Bad Wolf and sneak Foxy Loxy tricking Chicken Licken. In reality, they aren’t all that bad at all (mind you they still find chickens pretty damn tasty!)

This little dude was originally meant to be a part of the pocket hug collection but was slated for release as part of a yarn box but unfortunately due to circumstances beyond my control that too was pushed. I have made him a free to view crochet pattern for you all to enjoy and to make some cute little Foxy Loxy’s of your own. 

Foxy is made using only scrap amounts of yarn. I selected Paintbox yarns for this little dude. I also used :- 3.5mm hook

Fibre Filling

Optional 6 or 8 mm safety eyes

Optional 10mm safety nose


Tapestry needle

Optional key chain

Optional stitch marker (Did you know I have a whole range of my own in my Etsy Store?)

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I couldn’t achieve any of this without an excellent team behind me. Here is some of my testers work!

Nadine Ahrens.png


  • Each round is worked in a continuous round unless otherwise stated. 

  • A stitch marker is recommended for keeping track of your stitches for each round.

  • Increase means to place 2 stitches in the same stitch from the previous round.

  • Instructions inside ( ) are to be repeated.

  • Instructions inside { } are worked into the one stitch.

  • The fox is worked from the bottom up.

  • Key chain can be added by making a loop at the top of the fox and attaching the jump ring of the key ring.  I use the same yarn end from finishing off the main part of the fox to create this loop.




Yarn bowls

Abbreviations – US terms (UK terms are available via Ravelry)

CH – Chain

SC – Single Crochet

DC – Double Crochet

HDC – Half Double Crochet

TR – Treble Crochet

INC – Increase

ST – Stitch

F/O – Finish Off

MR – Magic Ring


Blog posts

Blog posts


 With White

Round 1: MR 6SC OR [CH 2 and 6SC in the 1st CH] (6)

Round 2: INC in each ST around. (12)

Round 3: (INC, SC) around. (18)

Round 4: (INC, SC2) around. (24)

Round 5: SC in each ST around. (24)

Change to orange

Rounds 6 – 10: SC in each ST around. (24)

To be sure the eyes and ears will line up properly, flatten the top of your circle so the two edges are lined up together.  Make sure the working loop and hook are on the far right hand side (left if you work left handed).  

Insert the safety eyes centered between the two corners of the flat edge, between rounds 8 and 9, approximately 3 STS apart.  

The nose can be added at the join between the 2 colours, centered between the eyes. The nose can also be embroidered on. 

Stuff firmly. 

With the top edges still held together, you will crochet across the top edge, working through both layers of the front and back.

{HDC, DC, TR, DC} all in the same ST,  SC in the next 10 STS, {DC, TR, DC, HDC} all in the last ST

F/O and weave in ends, using the end to create a keychain holder at the top of the head if desired.

With White

Round 1: MR 4SC OR [CH 2 and 4SC in the 1st CH] (4)

Round 2: INC in the 1st ST, SC in remaining 4 STS. (5)

Round 3: SC in each ST around (5)

Change to orange

Rounds 4 – 8: SC in each ST around (5)

F/O leaving a long tail. With the long yarn tail, sew the  fox tail to the center of the back of the head, with the top of the tail lined up with the 1st round of orange. 

Add optional key chain.


I hope you enjoyed creating this pattern. Don’t forget to share off your work as I love to see it. Consider joining my Facebook group also! See you there