Bob and Betsy

Bob and Betsy Bunny

Bob and Betsy Bunny

Bob and Betsy Bunny

Bob and Betsy Bunny are two cute little rabbits who love going for danders in the woods.

They are very much the best of friends and you can make the pair yourself.

Using basic techniques these pair are suitable for an adventurous beginner to create. They also come with accessories making them a great toy to be played with.

To make both bunnies you will need:-

Hook sizes: 3.5 mm (E) (optional 4mm (G) hook for no sew jacket)

Crochet terminology: US and UK

Language: English

200g of double knit/light worsted weight yarn (I used Stylecraft Special DK in Silver and Stone)

Approx 25g of fluffy yarn for the tummy patch or a contrasting colour in DK/light worsted. (I used King Cole Cuddles)

Polyfill (This is the one I use)

Stitch markers

Pom pom maker

Tapestry needle

12mm eyes x 4

A small amount of black embroidery thread for nose (alternatively a contrast colour)


Pins (for holding in place)

For the carrot: – A small amount of Spice (Orange) and Green along with a little polyfill

For the jacket: – 50g of DK (light worsted weight yarn)

3 small buttons

For Betsy: – A small amount of scrap yarn for a bow and a shawl (purple). Pink, white and green scraps for radish along with a little polyfill (optional bobby pin)

 As with all of my makes I could possibly do any of it without my amazing team of testers behind me. Find their beautiful bunnies pictured below. Thank you to Nikki Barker, Tracey Ferguson, Bethany Colhoff, Bronwyn Bellwood, Danielle Tetreault, Stacey Nash, Alison Pearson and Kristina Kirk.