Autumn or Fall, whichever is here

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It’s finally here my favourite season of them all. There is a distinct change in the air, you can almost smell it. I absolutely love Autumn time. The colours, the cold air, the crisp sounds underfoot and the best thing is wrapping up in my favourite scarf and hat!.

Just look at those colours! How fab are they? This pic was taken after a blustery day when I was at work. All the leaves had been blown into one area against a whitewashed wall and the results were so pretty I just had to photograph.

It’s been a hectic week here. Return to both work and school for all after such a long time off has led to a falling out with routine. In fact, my hook has not really been picked up this week much at all.

I had promised my Facebook group (here) something nice to end the week so I have added my Plush Pumpkins now as a free post for you all to enjoy.

These are a lovely fast work up and make a pretty decoration for Autumn or Halloween.

Happy making and let me see some of those makes in group!