Maple leaf coaster

Pretty little quick working fall décor

Maple leaf coaster

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The Autumn Wreath CAL has now ended and as a little addition and in apology for the delay for the final piece I have reworked the Maple Leaf to make it bigger and more textured to make a lovely little coaster as part of your fall décor. I hope you enjoy. Thank you for all your support as always.

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Happy hooking!


3.5mm hook

Scrap yarn I used Paintbox Cotton DK in various shades (or any yarn)

Stitch Markers


Tapestry needle


Abbreviations – US terms

Single Crochet – SC

Double Crochet – DC

Half Double Crochet – HDC

Treble Crochet – TR

Chain(s) – CH(S)

Space – SP

Skip – SK

Slip Stitch – SL ST

Stitch(es) – ST(S)

Back Loop Only –BLO

Picot – Pic



Not necessary for this project


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A stitch marker is recommended for keeping track of your stitches for each round. 

Instructions inside ( ) are worked into the one stitch

* * means to repeat everything contained inside


Picot stitch – A picot here means; Chain 3, slip stitch back down through the top loops of the previous stitch and the 1st CH, creating a little bobble effect.



Round 1: MR SC 11  (alternatively CH2 , 11SC in 1st CH) SL ST to join (11)

Round 2: CH 2 (counts as a ST) DC in same ST as joining. 2 DC in each ST around.  SL ST to join (22DC)

Round 3: CH 1 (does not count as a ST) Working in the BLO  2SC in same ST as joining..,1 SC in next.  *2 SC in one, SC in the next*  rep * *  to the end.SL ST to join (33SC)

Round 4: CH 1 (does not count as a ST) Working in the BLO  2SC in same ST as joining, SC in next 2 ST SC in next.  *2 SC in one, SC in the next 2 ST*  rep * *  to the end.SL ST to join (44SC)

Round 5: In the next ST (not joining) *SC,  (HDC, DC, 2TR, PIC) (TR, DC, HDC), SC, SK 2 ST SL ST to next.* rep * * 5 times.  SL ST to next 4ST, CH 8, SL ST  into 2nd CH from hook and each remaining CH.  SL ST to next ST, SL ST in the last 4 STs.

F/O, weave in ends

 A special word of thanks to Lynne Duffin, Suzi Pfer, Sallyanne Fisher and Jane Johnson for being a part of the testing process and helping to make this pattern come to life.

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